Our Affiliates

Khonaini Petroleum Services (KPS)
Supplies all kinds of lubricants, oils, grease, gasoline, diesel etc. with bulk deliveries of fuel and water to job sites in shortest possible time. Presently has 35 retail outlets in the Eastern province.
Enterprise for Procurement and Construction (ENPAC)
Completely equipped to carry out large and medium construction projects - Housing, commercial, residential projects, Recreational, institutional buildings and industrial buildings.
Global Pipe Company (GPC)
A joint venture company between Erndtebruecker Eisenwerk GmbH (EEW), Saudi Steel Pipe (SSP), Khonaini and Pan Gulf Holding (PGH).
Khonaini General Dispensary and Medical Services
Equipped with latest high technology medical equipment and machines. Multi faculty clinic with Specialized doctors from different countries. Highly skilled paramedical staffs for personal care to all patients.
Global Anti Corrosion Techniques Co. Ltd. (GlobeTech)
Leading anti corrosion coating company throughout gulf region and Middle East.
•Employing the latest equipment and innovative techniques, GlobeTech specializes in applying high performance polymer, fusion bonded epoxy and liquid coating to pipes and fitting assemblies for oil and gas, as well as in the petrochemical, water & other industries.
• Has Two plant sites. One of which is in Jubail.
• Industrial City with an area of 90,000m2 and in Al Jubail with an area of 500,000m2
Manifa Paints and Powder Coatings Co. Ltd.
Product portfolio:

• Fusion Bond Epoxy Coatings
• Stand-alone system
• Two-layer system
• Three-layer system
• Anti-slip coatings
• Bends and fittings coatings
Khonaini Travel and Tourism (KTTA)
• One of the leading travel and tours agencies in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
• Constantly improving on professionalism to exceed customers satisfaction.
• Partnered with leading providers of travel related services and travel agencies worldwide.
• Provides worldwide flight reservation, holiday packages, hotel reservations, travel insurance etc.
Khonaini Pharmacies

• One of the largest retailers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products in the Kingdom.
• Aim to serve the customers and make the medicines accessible to the market.
Khonaini Jubail Cold Stores

• Engages in bulky supply of fresh & frozen/canned foodstuff, soft drinks, dairy products, distribution of catering etc.
• Offering the best quality products at the lowest possible prices.
• Sells on retail and wholesale basis.
Al Watan Stationeries

• Offers wide range of school and office supplies, office requirements and stationeries.
• Provides products of superior quality at the best prices for the customers.
• On retail and wholesale basis.
Katoen Natie Khonaini
A joint venture between Katoen Natie Belgium and Khonaini.

Offers highly skills as service provider for:
Petrochemicals - gateway platforms, distribution platforms, production support platforms and on site/off site platforms.
Specialty Chemicals – Polymer processing, chemcopack, tank operations, safety and quality, total chain supply.
Manages logistics & distribution of consumer goods, electronics, preserved foods etc.
Physiotherapy Medical Center

• Equipped with the latest medical equipment and machines.

• Highly skilled staff and specialized technicians.

• Specialized physiotherapy medical services are offered such as hydrotherapy, exercises, ice therapy, muscle stimulation, hot packs, ultra sound, traction, sauna, steam bath etc.