5th October 2021

Khonaini International Company gets a Cybersecurity compliance certification (CCC) from Saudi Aramco.

The cybersecurity compliance certification (CCC) program has been introduced to ensure that all third parties obtain a cybersecurity compliance certificate from the authorized audit firm, to confirm their adherence to the cybersecurity requirements, as mandated in the Third Party Cybersecurity Standard (SACS-002), to conduct business with Saudi Aramco.


31st March 2021

Khonaini International Company attends the Future Projects Forum 2021.

The Kingdom has established its economic status globally in a way that it plays a prominent role among the major countries, leading it to become one of the most important members of the G20 countries. In fact, Riyadh hosted the G20 Summit 2020; it is the fifteenth meeting of the (G20). The Kingdom’s economy depends on a number of sectors that play an essential role in GDP, such as the construction sector, which is the second-largest non-oil sector. Moreover, it is one of the big supporters in achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030. The contracting market in the Kingdom is considered to be the largest in the Middle East, where international reports indicated that the volume of new projects in the sector exceeds 5,000 projects with a value of up to SR 6 trillion.

To allow contractors, suppliers, banks and others to familiarize themselves with future projects and create new investment opportunities, and following the great success of the Future Projects Forum in its first edition, the Saudi Contractors Authority is pleased to announce the “Digital Edition” of the Future Projects Forum to be held during the period 22-24 March 2021.

The Future Projects Forum (FPF) is a unique platform that has made it one of the largest platforms in the Middle East to showcase future projects. The forum aims to bring together project owners from government or private entities with contractors and interested parties in one place and at one time to create new opportunities by identifying details of future projects in the contracting sector and knowing the mechanism of qualification and competition. The forum also aims to develop a network of relationships between project owners, contractors and interested parties, as well as to provide partnerships between contractors themselves.

After the Future Projects Forum 2019 and 2020 received a high rate of satisfaction of participants reaching 91%, the number of presenters in the third edition was raised to be over +37 bodies, ranging from governmental and private, to present their projects with a total value of more than +600 billion Saudi riyals and the participation of nearly +10,000 contractors and interested.


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