Construction of Apartments, Jalmudah

Client : Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu

Scope of Work

This Contract covers the site development, ground improvements for family apartments with a total of six number four-level multi storey buildings. Site development for family apartments of two lots one approximately 9,000m2; the other approximately 10,000m2 All includes roads & parking, grading and storm drainage, sanitary wastewater system, potable and fire water distribution, TSE and irrigation system, electrical power, street lighting system, telecommunication & IPTV /CATV network and landscape and hardscape.

Building Works: Family apartments; six number, four storey buildings (approximately, 1,100m2 per storey) includes all architectural, structural, conveying system, mechanical (plumbing & HY AC), electrical (power, lighting, telecomm, data, fire protection etc.).