Construction of Apartments, Jalmudah, Jubail

Client : Royal Commission

Scope of Work

The purpose of this Contract is performance of the following Work:

The Royal Commission intends to construct family apartments which are to be located in Sector A2-3 of Jalmudah District. This Contract covers the site development for family apartments and a total number of eight (8) four-level multi storey buildings including four (4) electrical sub-stations.

The Work includes roads and parking, grading and storm drainage, Sanitary wastewater system, potable and fire water distribution, Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) and irrigation system, electrical power, street lighting system, telecommunication and IPTV /CATV network and landscape and hardscape.

Building Works:
Family apartments; a total of eight (8), four-storey buildings (approximately 1,100 m2 per storey) and four (4) electrical sub-stations including all architectural, structural, conveying system, mechanical (plumbing & 1-IVAC), electrical (power. lighting, telecommunication, data, fire protection, etc).